Meet our Team

We have a team of fully qualified, highly experienced, dynamic and fun loving speech pathologists. We are committed to ongoing professional development and service evaluation to ensure our Sunshine Coast kids receive innovative and motivational support for their communication needs.

All sessions are conducted in a confidential and relaxed atmosphere. Sessions are individually designed for your child to build on their strengths, improve areas of need and help your child reach for their potential.

Information and parent training are also provided in each session along with a take-home book containing activities for you to try at home.

We are dedicated to nurturing the physical and emotional health and well-being of the children and families in our care. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.  We recognise each child as a unique individual and look forward to meeting you and sharing this journey with you.

Kylie Martin

Kylie is the Founder and Director of Chatter-boxes Speech Pathology. Although she does little hands-on clinical work these days, you will find her busy in the office mentoring all of our team, developing systems and programs based on the latest evidence to ensure every child coming to our clinic receives outstanding care. Kylie also provides kindy screening and education talks, corporate presentations and community talks on communication development, autism, play and fussy eating. Kylie contributes to the “Source Kids” on-line magazine and her book “Chatter-time” is very popular in parenting circles.

Lisa Gadsby

Lisa graduated from the University of Queensland in 2005. She has worked in paediatric speech pathology both in Australia and in the UK since. Lisa has experience across the whole spectrum of communication development including stuttering, speech sound disorders, language delay, literacy development and social skills training.Lisa will be on maternity leave from November 2017.

Lieselle Racz

Lieselle loves working with children and their families to help them achieve their best communication outcomes.Lieselle enjoys the opportunity to work with a range of communication difficulties, and has a special interest in stuttering and speech sound disorders. Lieselle obtained her Bachelor’s degree at University of Newcastle, and is trained in the Lidcombe Programme and PROMPT.

Carolynn Fisher

Carolynn graduated with a Masters of Speech Pathology Studies from the University of Queensland in 2008. Carolynn also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Psychology. Carolynn has a passion for working with infants and young children from birth to pre-school age. Carolynn has a passion for providing early intervention services for children who are at risk of, or who have an underlying developmental disability, delay or complex health condition. Carolynn loves working with families to ensure that every child can participate in their natural environments and reach their full potential.

Sarah Day

Sarah discovered Speech Pathology in her twenties and found her calling! It combined many loves – language, working with children and families, and creativity – Sarah strives to make a difference in the lives of the children and the families she works with. She enjoys complex cases that require problem-solving and prides herself on keeping up with current research and treatment approaches; all in an individualised, engaging and fun environment. Sarah has training in smooth speech, the Lidcombe Programme, Hanen- It Takes Two To Talk and  QPAL.

Liz Quinn

Liz is the Manager of Administration and Client Services at Chatter-Boxes Speech Pathology. Liz takes great pride in ensuring all of our families are made to feel welcome in the Centre. Liz has extensive experince in all types of claiming including EPC's and HCWA.

Holly Argent