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Transforming Mealtime With Child Feeding Therapy

Our experienced team of feeding therapists at Chatter-Boxes understands that every child’s relationship with food is unique. We work closely with families to create personalised plans to address feeding challenges, offer practical tools to manage mealtime, and create a supportive and encouraging environment for children to explore and enjoy new food.

Unlocking Healthy Habits for Your Child With Feeding Therapy

We don’t just work to nourish bodies; we foster a healthy relationship with food. At Chatter-Boxes, each meal becomes an opportunity for growth and exploration. 

Our 3 Step Process



Our friendly team is ready to chat with you to understand the support needs of you and your family.



With a comprehensive assessment and parent intake session, we discover your child’s strengths and needs.


Get Started

Together, we will collaboratively establish a plan and goals for upcoming sessions.

Learn More about Feeding

Have a question about feeding therapy? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions here. If you have additional questions, get in touch – We’re here to guide you!

If your child experiences challenges related to feeding, such as picky eating or sensory issues, Feeding Therapy may be beneficial.

Feeding Therapy helps address a range of feeding difficulties, transforming challenges into opportunities for a healthy and positive relationship with food. Our specialists work with your child to develop skills, overcome obstacles, and ensure enjoyable mealtimes.

The duration of Feeding Therapy depends on your child’s unique needs and progress. After a thorough assessment, our specialists will create a personalised treatment plan. Progress is regularly monitored, and therapy duration is adjusted accordingly to empower your child with lasting skills.

Sessions at Chatter-Boxes are tailored to your child’s unique needs and may vary. During a session, you can expect a mix of sensory activities, transition activities, and food exploration, designed to address specific feeding goals.

Yes, our specialists provide guidance and resources to support ongoing progress at home. We believe in empowering parents to extend therapeutic strategies into their daily routines, fostering a positive feeding environment, and reinforcing the skills developed during therapy sessions.

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From our friendly administration team to our clinical and allied health support team, we are committed to you and your child. Every step of the way.

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