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Nurturing Well-Being, Fostering Confidence

With a range of emotions and challenges to navigate, growing up can be tough! At Chatter-Boxes, we equip children with the tools to navigate life’s challenges, laying the foundation for a healthy and flourishing future.

We understand the intricacies of childhood and are here to provide children and their families with dedicated, compassionate support through personalised therapy plans.

A Team Dedicated To You

Empowering Children With Chatter-Boxes Psychology

At Chatter-Boxes, our child psychology services are designed to provide outstanding support for children and their families to navigate the challenges of anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, neuro-developmental conditions. or behavioural issues.

From addressing behavioural milestones and nurturing emotional well-being to navigating developmental challenges, our team of expert child psychologists is dedicated to understanding each child’s unique needs, developing achievable goals, and celebrating successes every step of the way!

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Our 3 Step Process



Our friendly team is ready to chat with you to understand the support needs of you and your family.



With a comprehensive assessment and parent intake session, we discover your child’s strengths and needs.


Get Started

Together, we will collaboratively establish a plan and goals for upcoming sessions.

How Our Expert Psychologists Help

Building Healthy Foundations For Children

Let us help you navigate and conquer challenges in understanding and nurturing your child’s mental and emotional well-being. We can help with:

Social Skills & Emotional Regulation
Managing Anxiety, Fears, Feelings & Phobias
Life Changes Including Grief, Loss & Divorce
Mental Health Disorders & Behavioural Issues

Compassionate & Evidence-Based Support For Developing Minds

We take a holistic approach that encompasses the child’s environment, relationships, and individual strengths to empower them to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically.

Our child psychology services go beyond diagnosis. While we keep the big picture in mind, we work together with families to create tailored strategies that focus on the small details that matter to you and your child.

Meet the Team

From our friendly administration team to our clinical and allied health support team, we are committed to you and your child, every step of the way.

The therapists at Chatterboxes have been amazing and life-changing for us."

Melanie, Google Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about child psychology or our individualised approach? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Does my child need a psychologist?

If you notice your child having a tough time with feelings, school, friends, or other changes, talking to a friendly psychologist might be a helpful way to understand and support them better.

Chatter-Boxes provides child psychology services for a wide range of age groups, from newborns and childhood through to young adolescence. Our expert psychologists tailor their approaches to meet the developmental and emotional needs of each child, ensuring age-appropriate and effective therapy.

No two children are the same and the duration of therapy will vary based on the individual needs and goals of each child. Our psychologists conduct thorough assessments to create a personalised treatment plan to the build emotional resilience and coping skills they need for lasting well-being.

Our sessions involve a variety of age-appropriate activities, discussions, and therapeutic interventions tailored to address your child’s emotional and behavioural challenges. Our psychologists work collaboratively with your child, fostering a trusting relationship for lasting success.

Want to Join The Team?

Become a valuable part of our Chatter-Boxes team today.

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